Star Wars The Force Awakens Is Out of This Galaxy!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Yes, that’s right: Star Wars The Force Awakens Is Out of This Galaxy!

To sum it up in one word, it would be ‘Wow!’ This movie was amazing! It had everything that one would want to go to the theater for, action, a bit of romance, some clever comedy, great dogfights, some touching bits, and some sad parts as well. It was truly an experience and I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up going another time yet!

The Star Wars saga is old, having started in 77, and since then has blown the minds of the people and created waves of fans throughout the world that loved the original characters, Han Solo, Princess Leia, the walking carpet Chewbacca, C3PO, all of them. They were the best of unlikely friends and we all loved their adventures and journey to stop the Empire. What Abrams did in this film is brought back all of this in a more modern way, like the 80s music and fluorescent colored clothing that is making a comeback these days, the warm memories of these adventures are back as well.

From a certain perspective it is a bit of a reboot, but in a way that the Star Wars story is continued and headed in a most interesting direction. By reboot, I felt that there were elements of Star Wars 4 (a new hope) that were there, but to me, it was perfect and felt like a warm blanket of nostalgia. I also felt that the humor in the film had matured from its predecessors, which also brought the film more into 2015 than back to 1977.

Seeing how the characters that we loved from the originals had grown was also enjoyable as they filled in the 30 years from Jedi to The Force Awakens very nicely, giving us an idea of what has happened yet not overdoing it by any means. The new heroes Fynn and Rey were perfectly cast for the Star Wars universe. The inner strife that the main antagonist endures in the film explains the title of the movie very well, as the force awakens in him it needs time to mature and completely take him over. This is shown very well. The same can be said of the light side of the force as the protagonist must understand this awesome power that is growing inside her on her own; No Obi-Wan, no Yoda.

There is a new droid that is introduced to us as well, BB-8, and like R2D2 in the other films, this character is as lovable as R2 was with his courage, tenacity, and loyalty. Of course, C3P0 shows up here and there, as we expect him to be. This movie is quite complete in the sense that it leaves a lot to work with for the upcoming VIII and IX films, but as a whole, the story was tied up well and I left the theater most satisfied indeed, with the force still with me as I drove home.

Five out of five stars!