How To Get Your Star Wars Fix

Get Your Star Wars Fix

The Best Ways To Get Your Star Wars Fix

These are great days for Star Wars fans. There used to be a time before the prequels where the only way to get back to the galaxy a long way back was to see the original trilogy again. There is nothing wrong with that, but now there are many different ways to experience the Skywalkers galaxy.


Television can be a great source of Star Wars Fun!

Television can be a great source of Star Wars Fun!

Television is a fairly new medium for the saga. It was disastrous with the Star Wars Christmas Special, but fortunately things have improved a lot since then. The recent Clone Wars Television series has been a fantastic way to experience space battles and familiar characters on the small screen. It is set during Episodes 3 and 4 and tells the story of the Jedi and the Republic against the Sith and Separatists and has a lot of space, land and sea battles. Of course, this has led to more Star Wars action figures and vehicle toys hitting the stores.

Computer Games

Next you have computer games. The Unleashed Force was one of the largest deals in recent years. I highly recommend the Wii version of the game as it allows you to use the best strength to date in a game. Then there is the great cahuna. The old Republic MMO game that has been hyped for years. It was finally released this year and allows players to travel to the Star Wars galaxy by creating their own stories. I have not tried it yet but I will when I get a few months of free time.


Novels have been a pillar for years for fans who just can not get enough. With the fantastic story of Yuuzhan Vong having finished we were treated to a new Sith. One that came from the Skywalker Solo family. The difference with this defection of the dark side compared to Anakins is that we got to read about the transformation slowly that I enjoyed reading.

Comic Books

Star Wars Comic Books Rock!

Star Wars Comic Books Rock!

Comic books have recently had arguments with Darth Vader, the Old Republic and even the Yuuzhan Vong war. The comics are a natural home for Star Wars because of the incredible visual elements that the saga is able to inspire. The Yuuzan Vong Invasion story was decent, although it could have done with much more Jacen and Jaina Solo, since they were the main heroes of that timeline.


If that is not enough for you there is Lego to consider. Gathering a huge space ship from Lego Star Wars will take hours and is a great way to spend your time.

The Internet

Youtube can be a terrific source of all sorts of Star Wars materials like the video below. Enjoy and participate in all the forums with other fans like you. Nothing beats that!

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