How To Get Your Star Wars Fix

Get Your Star Wars Fix

The Best Ways To Get Your Star Wars Fix

These are great days for Star Wars fans. There used to be a time before the prequels where the only way to get back to the galaxy a long way back was to see the original trilogy again. There is nothing wrong with that, but now there are many different ways to experience the Skywalkers galaxy.


Television can be a great source of Star Wars Fun!

Television can be a great source of Star Wars Fun!

Television is a fairly new medium for the saga. It was disastrous with the Star Wars Christmas Special, but fortunately things have improved a lot since then. The recent Clone Wars Television series has been a fantastic way to experience space battles and familiar characters on the small screen. It is set during Episodes 3 and 4 and tells the story of the Jedi and the Republic against the Sith and Separatists and has a lot of space, land and sea battles. Of course, this has led to more Star Wars action figures and vehicle toys hitting the stores.

Computer Games

Next you have computer games. The Unleashed Force was one of the largest deals in recent years. I highly recommend the Wii version of the game as it allows you to use the best strength to date in a game. Then there is the great cahuna. The old Republic MMO game that has been hyped for years. It was finally released this year and allows players to travel to the Star Wars galaxy by creating their own stories. I have not tried it yet but I will when I get a few months of free time.


Novels have been a pillar for years for fans who just can not get enough. With the fantastic story of Yuuzhan Vong having finished we were treated to a new Sith. One that came from the Skywalker Solo family. The difference with this defection of the dark side compared to Anakins is that we got to read about the transformation slowly that I enjoyed reading.

Comic Books

Star Wars Comic Books Rock!

Star Wars Comic Books Rock!

Comic books have recently had arguments with Darth Vader, the Old Republic and even the Yuuzhan Vong war. The comics are a natural home for Star Wars because of the incredible visual elements that the saga is able to inspire. The Yuuzan Vong Invasion story was decent, although it could have done with much more Jacen and Jaina Solo, since they were the main heroes of that timeline.


If that is not enough for you there is Lego to consider. Gathering a huge space ship from Lego Star Wars will take hours and is a great way to spend your time.

The Internet

Youtube can be a terrific source of all sorts of Star Wars materials like the video below. Enjoy and participate in all the forums with other fans like you. Nothing beats that!


STAR WARS: The Last Jedi


A number of nights in the past, some close friends and I determined towards keep track of the most current Star Wars movie, Return of the Sith. This motion picture received me wondering in excess of a notion that is magic formula toward a great deal of the hypnotherapy that I do, and is an suitable instance of how not in direction of contribute 1’s existence.

Considerably of what results in the Star Wars tale therefore pretty is the perplexing difference that takes place inside of Anakin Skywalker. How is it that a person can switch versus supremely very good towards the embodiment of evil We’re led in direction of enjoy Anakin the Jedi and loathe the identical male, simply just a pair times afterwards. It is both of those confusing and troubling. What is even much more complicated (and possibly troubling) is that, upon the look, it looks that Anakin’s delight in for Padmé is what prospects him, inevitably, in the direction of the darkish aspect.

This is an ideal case in point of the path the Jung suggests that the human shadow operates. The shadow, in accordance in the direction of Jung, is a significant part of our character that we disown. We disavow it, and lock it absent. When it is locked absent, it will become adverse. We can perspective this inside of numerous methods a unique who denies anything at all over them selves turns in direction of self-dangerous behavior these as extraordinary consuming, or even even worse, gets to be violent. It is usually authorized that several anti-social patterns incorporate their roots inside of a personal’s inside conflict.


Anakin’s interior conflict is significant. He life such as a Jedi—which is, additional or fewer, a monastic everyday living. As a result a lot of of the other Jedi do this incredibly perfectly—and Anakin fails. He fails the minute he starts off in the direction of permit his shadow specific by itself. What incorporates been locked up for as a result very long incorporates developed vicious, and currently consumes and destroys him. The picture of Anakin locked into the hood of Darth Vader exhibits that he includes truly grow to be eaten; he shadow consists of gotten unfastened; all that is Wonderful above him includes been ruined.

There is a lesson in the direction of be identified versus this; and it’s a lesson that goes again 1000’s of many years. There are areas of us that we, or lifestyle, put on’t together with. We include instincts, needs and urges that are, within some techniques, unacceptable. It is simply organic and natural that we must check out towards repress them—as a result of executing as a result we can be authorized by way of all those near us. Sadly, at the time we oppress what we use’t such as around ourselves, it Factors complications. It is the root of several neuroses and other conditions within just our life.

The answer towards this scenario appears to be like easy and is a great process we ought to try towards generate ourselves complete. That indicates, after we appear an urge in direction of do a thing unacceptable, we should really action again and take a look at that urge. We consist of toward determine out what is at the root of that urge, and we include in direction of include it into our life within just a certain path. We ought to comprehend that we are Great—and that applies in direction of almost everything regarding us. A little something that is made up of been shoved apart and authorized toward develop into sour and vicious is simply just a natural and organic section of us long gone lousy, and it is incumbent on us towards include that. Within just get towards stay beneficial, balanced and joyful life, we comprise towards embrace our dim facet.

Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Live Stream – Day 3 | The Star Wars Show LIVE!

If Anakin Skywalker (and the Jedi) have been toward embrace the Darkish Facet inside of a healthful direction, they would be excess impressive than at any time. They would seem inner thoughts—take pleasure in, anger, get worried, and detest—and all of individuals inner thoughts would be in just acceptable angle. In addition, they would include achieve towards the electricity that all of All those thoughts affords their adversaries, the Sith. Maintaining the unwell repercussions of some human feelings at bay does not guidance the Jedi at all; it merely sales opportunities in the direction of extraordinary outbursts of those people identical inner thoughts. The lesson listed here is basic and rather vital embrace your dim aspect within a healthful direction, and yourself will be happier and even more effective.

Know How To Plan A Perfect Star Wars Birthday Party

Even though there hasn’t been a recent film release, Star Wars is still a popular favorite among fans new and old. Kids of all ages from find the world that was created by Star Wars creator George Lucas to be an immeasurably bewitching world in which to permit their imagination and fantasies to take flight in that galaxy far, far away.


If your special birthday girl or boy is a devotee of these films this is the can’t miss party theme to add to your perfect birthday party list. There are many ways you can go that will bring the theme to light in a way that permits everyone to have fun.




Tips That You Must Know

First of all, you could have a classic Star Wars event with the pilot Episodes (IV, V, and VI) showing one after the other throughout the party. This is perfect for an all night or all day sort of party as it provides breaks in between the showings and loads of time to incorporate some serious snack making or pizza ordering without meddling with the DVDs being shown in the back ground.



If you want to take affairs a step further you can also have your invitees come dressed as their favorite Star Wars characters from all 6 films. If you are genuinely adventurous you can do a back-to-back showing of all six films though this makes for a very long weekend sort of party. Perfect if your birthday falls on or around a 3-day weekend such as Labor Day or Memorial Day. Otherwise it’s a great idea but you may want to break it up into 2 years’ worth of festivities.


If your friends or your child’s friends are an inventive bunch you can have a session where guests speculate and produce tall tales about what happens between Episodes III and IV as well as what occurs to favorite characters after Episode VI. This is a lot of fun and creates a sort of role-playing atmosphere for the party that can be a vast amount of fun. If this isn’t enough action and you want a little something extra to wear the kids (big or small) out, you might want to invite your guests to a Jedi coaching school of sorts. Set up an obstacle course for everyone to follow and a series of exercises similar to what Luke went through in The Empire Strikes Back. The champion can get some Star Wars themed award for laughs and a little added amusement.


Most bakeries are likely to have a great form cake on hand or in stock for Star Wars because the theme remains so popular. If not, however, there are outstanding cake ideas online that work beautifully for a Star Wars theme with home made birthday cakes. It’s really great if you can try one of these because it will be something a little different from what everyone else who does a Star Wars themed party will have. Of course you could always go with a backdrop of stars and the original Star Wars logo painted in yellow.


Crucial Details To Know About Star Wars

Star Wars Trivia

Get Ready for Some Crucial Details To Know About Star Wars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was the little sci-fi movie that could – Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. At the time, though, it was just known as Star Wars, and it created a franchise unlike anything seen before.

In 2005, Forbes magazine estimated that the Star Wars franchise, from the time it began in the late seventies, had generated more than twenty billion dollars in revenue, and with six big screen success stories, at least three spin-off films, five licensed television shows, and thousands of books, comic books, and toys, it’s no surprise. What might be a surprise, though, is that by the time Star Wars creator George Lucas finished the first film, he was over-budget, out of time, and convinced the film would be a flop. Early screenings of the film did little to improve Lucas’ ideas that the film would be any kind of success, but when it was finally released in the summer of 1977, the film earned nearly seven million dollars in its first weekend. It is considered to be the second highest profitable film of all time.

More than Great Films

Ask any Star Wars fan, though, and they’ll tell you it’s not just about the movies, it’s also about the associated merchandise. The initial film was predicted to be a flop, so no merchandise was created to debut with the film’s release. The toy company, Kenner, though had purchased the license to sell associate products By Christmas of 1977, demand was so high, Kenner created an “Early Bird Special” kit. The kit held a certificate fans could send in for four 3 ¾ inch figures as soon as they became available. On Christmas morning, thousands of kids got empty cardboard envelopes that held only a display stand, a Star Wars club card, a few stickers, and a certificate they could put their name and address on, mail in, and wait for several months for the first Star Wars toys ever produced to arrive. Months later, lots of kids did get Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, R2-D2, and Chewbacca in the mail, and years later, these four figures are considered to be some of the most valuable action figures on the collectors’ market today.

Explosive Industry Growth

As you can probably imagine, the Star Wars toy and merchandise franchise has grown considerably since the Christmas of 1977. Once Kenner geared up the production machine, it slowed for no one. From additional action figures to vehicles, playsets, and lightsabers, the vintage Star Wars toy market had everything. As Episodes V and VI were released, more toys hit the market. T-shirts, bed sheets, toothbrushes, combs, and watches were all part of the marketing campaign as well.

After the release of Return of the Jedi, though, the Star Wars marketing machine slowed considerably. People seemed to think the Star Wars market was nearing the end. However, in the late 1990s, a new line of Star Wars action figures was released. Dubbed “The Power of the Force” line, these green carded figures created a whole new generation of collectors, and with the release of the special edition of the original trilogy, and the subsequent release of Star Wars Episode I, the marketing machine kicked back into high gear. From bubble bath to sandals, the Star Wars name can be found on almost anything these days, and with talk of additional television series, DVDs, and even other films, it’s hard to tell when the franchise will ever slow down.

Ready for a Challenge?: Star Wards Trivia

Real-life Lessons From Star Wars

Lessons from Star Wars

Know How To Take Real-life Lessons From Star Wars

If you have clicked on this article, you undoubtedly have some understanding of what Star Wars is and what it is about. The author will not waste your time by going through a complete plot summary, but rather jump right into what Star Wars can teach you about your own personal development.

1. There is an Equivalent of Midi-Chlorians in Our Galaxy.

One of the more famous moments from Episode I features a unique discussion about what exactly “the force” is. Turns out, all life has little organisms, called midi-chlorians, that live symbiotically within cells, and can aid in all sorts of cool tricks if the individual is trained how to communicate and coordinate with them.

While there are no microcellular organisms waiting to unleash your hidden potential in this place we call Earth, there is still something that flows through all of us, and it is an integral part of the entire universe. This substance is energy. Yes, energy binds us together and allows us to accomplish every feat, no matter how great or small. Your thoughts project a signal out into the universe. Much of what you reap in this life has to do with the thought signals you are projecting. This thought resonance will attract like signals through the common medium of energy, which flows through all life.

2. Like a Jedi, One Must Train if You Want to Use Energy to its Fullest Potential.

Let me make something perfectly clear; in no way, shape or form are you going to be able to move objects with your mind, defy the law of gravity or build a tangible blade composed of concentrated light by using the Law of Attraction. Using the Law, however, still takes time and practice. You must learn what it means to truly resonate with your desires and the universe and how to overcome the many resistances that will come your way. As with Midi-Chlorians, the Law is at work in your life whether you want to acknowledge it or not. The goal, as Bob Proctor puts it, is to become “consciously competent” in our knowledge and application of the Law. This training takes on many forms including meditation, affirmation, and goal setting and monitoring. Much like the universe, the potential for using the Law is near infinite. You can begin right now with some thorough introspection. Sit somewhere quiet and really think, keep in mind that productive thought is a skill altogether, about where your life is right now and where you want your life to be. Look at your life and decide if the actions you are doing on a daily basis are contributing to the future you want. If the actions are not conducive to your ideal future, then think about what needs to change. Visualize yourself making those changes and manifest the positive feelings associated with moving towards your desired future.

While the Star War’s universe has literally thousands of more lessons it could teach us about our own existence, yes you could say that I am a fan, these principles will greatly aid in one’s use of the Law of Attraction. So begin your training, focus your mind and connect with the universe to reach your true potential.


Coolest Star Wars Lightsaber Battles

Star Wars The Force Awakens Is Out of This Galaxy!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Yes, that’s right: Star Wars The Force Awakens Is Out of This Galaxy!

To sum it up in one word, it would be ‘Wow!’ This movie was amazing! It had everything that one would want to go to the theater for, action, a bit of romance, some clever comedy, great dogfights, some touching bits, and some sad parts as well. It was truly an experience and I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up going another time yet!

The Star Wars saga is old, having started in 77, and since then has blown the minds of the people and created waves of fans throughout the world that loved the original characters, Han Solo, Princess Leia, the walking carpet Chewbacca, C3PO, all of them. They were the best of unlikely friends and we all loved their adventures and journey to stop the Empire. What Abrams did in this film is brought back all of this in a more modern way, like the 80s music and fluorescent colored clothing that is making a comeback these days, the warm memories of these adventures are back as well.

From a certain perspective it is a bit of a reboot, but in a way that the Star Wars story is continued and headed in a most interesting direction. By reboot, I felt that there were elements of Star Wars 4 (a new hope) that were there, but to me, it was perfect and felt like a warm blanket of nostalgia. I also felt that the humor in the film had matured from its predecessors, which also brought the film more into 2015 than back to 1977.

Seeing how the characters that we loved from the originals had grown was also enjoyable as they filled in the 30 years from Jedi to The Force Awakens very nicely, giving us an idea of what has happened yet not overdoing it by any means. The new heroes Fynn and Rey were perfectly cast for the Star Wars universe. The inner strife that the main antagonist endures in the film explains the title of the movie very well, as the force awakens in him it needs time to mature and completely take him over. This is shown very well. The same can be said of the light side of the force as the protagonist must understand this awesome power that is growing inside her on her own; No Obi-Wan, no Yoda.

There is a new droid that is introduced to us as well, BB-8, and like R2D2 in the other films, this character is as lovable as R2 was with his courage, tenacity, and loyalty. Of course, C3P0 shows up here and there, as we expect him to be. This movie is quite complete in the sense that it leaves a lot to work with for the upcoming VIII and IX films, but as a whole, the story was tied up well and I left the theater most satisfied indeed, with the force still with me as I drove home.

Five out of five stars!

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS – Official Trailer –  


Cool Facts About Star Wars

Star Wars Facts

Are you ready for some Cool Facts About Star Wars?

If you ask someone if they had heard of ‘star wars’, there is a strong chance that they will say yes. Now, this could be because they watch a lot of films, but at the same time, this might not be the case.

What this comes down to is how popular this franchise is and as a result of this, it is not going to matter how old someone is either. These films bring people together and this can then allow them to put their differences to one side for a short time.

The Test of Time

There are some films that are soon forgotten about as time passes, but the same can’t be said when it comes to these films. In fact, it could be said that they have become more popular as the years have gone by.

What has played a part in this is that the original films were re-released in the late nineties and soon after, a further three films were released. This then meant that there were six films for people to watch and by the end of 2019; they will be able to watch all nine films.


It might be inaccurate to say that star wars is as big as it is due to the films alone though and this is because there has also been another element. This element is provided by all the things that one can buy and although this was limited to things like actions figures when the first films came out, this is no longer the case.

Nowadays, it is no longer necessary for one to buy toys in order to feel connected; there are so many other things they can buy instead. On one hand, they could buy something for their computer and on the other hand, they could even buy chopsticks.

Another Film

When most films come out, there are going to be people who are interested in going to the cinema or waiting until they can watch it at home. However, although they are interested, it is unlikely to consume their whole life.

So part of their attention will be directed towards the film, but the rest of it will be in other areas of their life. Yet when it comes to a star wars film, their attention can end up being completely consumed by their need to watch it.

Way Before

Not only can this take place once the film has been released, it can take place a long time before. While there may be people who will be prepared to wait until it can be watched in the comfort of their own home, the majority of people will want to see it at the cinema.

It is then not as if they are just going to see another film; they are going to watch something that adds so much more to their life. Therefore, once they have left the cinema, they are unlikely to simply carry on with the rest of their life.

A Baby

One way of looking at this would be to say the whole experience is similar to the experience two people can have when they are having a baby together. Even before the baby is born, their attention is going to be consumed by their baby.

And once the baby is born, they are not going to carry on with the rest of their life; their attention will continue to be consumed by their baby. What this comes down to is that their child is a part of their life and not simply a phase of their life.

The Complete Experience

One way of looking at this would be to say that star wars provide one with an experience that they can immerse themselves in. Metaphorically speaking, it is then not as if their hands are in the water; their whole body is in water.

Ultimately, it is going to have a positive effect on their well-being and this can be seen as a good thing. This could be one of the few things in their life that makes them feel this way and this means they are going to be only too happy to get caught up in the star wars experience.


Through one being able to immerse themselves in this experience, it can allow them to put their own life to one side. They can then forget about what is taking place in their life for a short time and experience life differently.

As a result of this, their life will take on a whole new meaning and it is likely to provide them with a sense of relief. They could be going through a challenging time in their life or they might have a lot going on at work, for instance.


In this sense, star wars is going to take away some of the pressure they are experiencing and this could make it easier for them to handle their life. Yet at the same time, it could also be a way for them to avoid facing what they need to face.

What can define the effect it has on them is how caught up one allows themselves to become and when they allow this to happen. The need to escape is not negative per se, as this is something that is necessary from time to time.

Harder To See

One thing that can make it harder for one to realise that they are avoiding their own life is because of how popular star wars is. There are likely to plenty of other people who are in the same position and this can then mean that this is something that will go unnoticed.


Clearly, this is not the only thing that can have this effect, as there are plenty of others things that will have the same impact. One example is when a member of the royal family gets married or has a baby.

It could be said that what this demonstrates is the importance of self-awareness and through being aware, one will be able to know when they need to step back from something. As a result, they can then place their focus on the area of their life that needs their attention.

10 Hidden Star War Facts You Didn’t know

Fan Review: LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector

For starters, I would like to let you know that I am in no way associated with this product nor do I get any affiliate commission for promoting it. This is just a fan’s review on the Lego Star Wards Ultimate Colletor Set.

If you’re a Star Wars fan this is LEGO’S Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon building set that will blow your mind. This would surely be a wow type present for any youngster for any true fan.

You can make the impression of a lifetime with any young kid and occupy his time with a healthy addiction and Advance his imagination and teach him the importance of alone time and pride in his work. Putting together a work of art instills not only gratification but is a building tool to assist in development of a child’s growing up years.

Hans Solo’s private smuggling ship is almost three feet long. It has over five thousand pieces which makes this a challenge to build and certainly the biggest LEGO set ever to be distributed to date. This would be considered a major accomplishment for any young child and envision the beaming smile on his face upon completion.

Miniature figures can sit inside and operate the controls. Some other options are a landing gear that provides a base for a model to stand on. The Ship is around thirty three inches long, twenty two inches wide and eight inches tall. The Radar dish spins, and the boarding ramp comes out. The top of the Cockpit can be removed to gain access to the action figures.

Included are five of the original characters. Hans Solo, Chewy, Obi-Wan, Luke and Princess Leia. This set includes a display card with ship specifications. Bring back to life Luke, Hans and Leia in this starship. Have many, many hours of playtime and stretch the imagination with these real life like figurines.

This model is relatively inexpensive for what your receiving. The Limited First Edition set includes a individual numbered Certificate of Authenticity which is included inside the box. This is a worthwhile investment as the pride of accomplishment will be displayed for all to see. Imagine having family and friends over for dinner and seeing this out in the open as a theme or centerpiece.
Anyone who has ever built a LEGO toy knows that the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon special edition is by far the best of the best. Every kid would be proud to own this particular model and will treasure it for many, many years to come. Start or add to the collection of LEGO’s best ever Star Wars Ultimate Collector’s addition pieces. You won’t regret it!




‘Shuttle Tydirium, what is your cargo and destination?’


VADER: Where is that shuttle going?

PIETT: Shuttle Tydirium, what is your cargo and destination?

PILOT VOICE: Parts and technical crew for the forest moon.

VADER: Do they have a code clearance?

PIETT: It’s an older code, sir, but it checks out. I was about to clear them.


In modern cryptography, a system is designed so that it is difficult to break. The only part that must be kept secret are the keys used to encrypt the message. Changing Keys is necessary from time to time because an attacker who learns the key can easily break any message that is encrypted.

If  the rebels steal  their keys, re-entry of periodic information ensures that the problem is limited in time.

In a military situation where your opponent will go far to steal the keys, there is a logistics problem of how to distribute new keys. You can not send on a channel that is set by the old keys. You must use a separate system (and how to ensure that these keys are safe?) Or by mail. But when their units are scattered throughout the planet or galaxy, one can not have a daily courier service. You should also plan your mail service to fail, either because the mail is intercepted, or the rendezvous point is not available. So you have to send a set of keys to be used in the next N cycles.

In World War II, the Allies took advantage of it, attacking the Nazis weather ships. (The plan may come from Ian Fleming, who went on to write novels of James Bond.) For the capture key, the Allies were able to read the Nazi traffic.

In any case, Piett was about to authorize the landing of the shuttle. The history of cryptography is full of examples that happened not too long ago, but the pattern is the same. The desire to believe that all is well, the pressure of the routine, and the belief that the operator that the little abnormal is pretty close to normal combine to justify bending the rules a bit.

Piett is about to accept a key release date, a decision that is militarily and psychologically cryptographically probably take sensible. The process design means that such anomalies are expected. This is why the expectation is heroic effort worth stealing keys. (Such efforts are the reasons behind the work of Jack Shaftoe in Stephenson “the Cryptonomicon.”) Even with systems designed in accordance with the principle of Kerkhoff, key management is a difficult challenge.

Also, be sure to check out the gallery Piett, whose image today, asked me borrow. On Friday, we can make a detour to Tatooine to answer a question reader, or I can start in the classic Saltzer and Schroeder. I’m always looking for a good web version that I can link. Finally, thanks to DM noticed some flaws in the first draft.

How did the Rebels steal the Imperial shuttle Tydirium?

A lot of large discrepancies in the EU were the result of the clear dividing line between the old stuff that came during and immediately after the original trilogy, in which the continuity has been less than a serious concern, and “modern” EU began with Tim Zahn in the nineties. Theft Tydirium, however, probably because of its location in Return of the Jedi, and then, towards the end of most of the first EU-was not even mentioned until 1994, and was later re-counted two sometimes the next ten years or so.

How the Rebels Stole the Tydirium

That first version of the story, ironically, is undoubtedly the most vulgar and mediocre. To hear him tell the story, the young driver rebel known only as starter was nothing less than an army of one man; fighting alone against a large group of bounty hunters (for which we were hunting? who knows) including IG-88, Dengar, and Zuckuss before being taken prisoner by none other than the own Boba Fett and handed over to Darth Vader, I quickly locked in his room of meditation, then the flight in an imperial shuttle is put back to the Alliance.

While this is, of course, the stupidest of history, for once, the author, Peter Schweighofer, find the joke, and apparently intended to be nothing more than a story of a braggart, which means the true story It would still be counted for another five years. On the flight simulation game X-Wing Alliance, one of my favorite things, play another young pilot named Ace Azzameen, whose shipping family is involved unwillingly in the Galactic Civil War as a result of the Battle of Hoth.

Most of the game is spent will alternate between the missions of the Rebel Alliance, flew the normal range of Ala-X and Ala-B and so on, and the missions of the family, usually flown in a freight Azzameens’ Sabra including an impressive version of Lessing YT-1300 freighter most know that the Millennium Falcon. Towards the end of the game, the lines are blurred, and both ships and cargo Azzameen brothers Ace and Aeron Emon begin to play a more direct role in rebel activities. When the Bothan spy Ace accompanied earlier in one of the best missions always inform the Star Pendant Alliance of Death II, the plan to infiltrate the bunker on Endor begins to take shape and Ace has the task of transporting the strength of General Madine Advanced 327 Imperial attack, where they will steal the Tydirium and, above all, their codes settlement.

A funny thing about this mission is that it offers a very clever, very subtle suggestion that the name comes from Tydirium: once you have docked with the outpost and adorable bunch of pixels that make up the command escapes, running the many other shuttles parked in the area reveals names like Mercurium, Xyridium, and so on, it seems this series of shuttles has been appointed to the various theoretical and mineral elements. This was confirmed later by Wizards of the Coast complement the role of Kyle Katarn, specifically namedropped “Tydirium” as a mineral.

In any case, things get hairy for a minute, but ultimately the Sabra and Tydirium escape thanks to the timely arrival of Rogue Squadron. Interestingly, another stage role was written a little later he called “transfer theft”, and in fact uses the Frontier Wrestling Alliance mission as the basis for a story about the attack force itself.

Everything would be hunky-dory, if it were not for the intervention of another video game, Rogue Leader, just a couple of years after Frontier Wrestling Alliance. This time, Wedge Antilles, Rogue Leader holder must sneak Imperial Naval Academy Prefsbelt IV and steal the shuttle itself, while flying cover. While the game is remarkable, as there are a number of different ways the mission can play out depending on the time of day clock gaming system is developed and if you decide to meet a handful of secondary objectives, history itself is quite insignificant Wedge goes, it causes an uproar, and flees.

So the mission seems at first glance that there directly to the Frontier Wrestling Alliance opposition, and, in fact, a Retcon tried to cross sections of whole books, which states that only the codes were stolen in the Frontier Wrestling Alliance not service current transport, but since these were the days when Star Wars does not restart, holocron Guardian Leland Chee finally decreed that have happened both stories as presents, and robbery was the Frontier Wrestling Alliance before. In other words, the official history of the Tydirium shuttle in what is now the Legends was stolen from Outpost 327 and escorted by Rogue Squadron, only to be retaken by the Empire almost immediately and taken to Prefsbelt IV universe, where Wedge would then break in and steal everything again. then the shuttle was transported to Endor and recording under his real name, despite the feelings of Vader, he did not raise any red flags at all. You go figure.


The Expanded Universe Explains, Vol. IX – The Shuttle Tydirium